Fulldome Film Contest

родовое древо

“Arbasoak [Ancestree]”

ARBASOAK is an experimental fulldome film that brings us to the world of trees, those other beings that share this planet with us, and are essential for the survival of life as we know it. Is a journey to their lifes and processes such as photosynthesis, the mycorrhiza in the roots, or the flux inside the trunk, but also to their dreams, nightmares and yearnings. What do trees dream about?

Director, screenwriter, producer — Martin Etxauri. Composer — Pablo Zaratiegi.
Elurmaluta Produkzioak. Spain

“Black Holes. Musical Stories”

“Black Holes” is one film from the series «Tiny Stories “Beautiful Universe”», miniature musical works about the cosmos. Here the beauty and harmony of the starry sky are intertwined with the magic of music.

Producers – Natalia Falkovskaya and Alexander Starov. Music – Alexander Starov. Russia. Studio – Dreams Beat. 


“Colorful universe”

The “Colorful Universe” is a fulldome show that will change the way you see the world around you. The show tells about all-wave astronomy, which made it possible to see the sky in the infrared, ultraviolet, X-ray and gamma ranges. Discovery of each of them became a scientific breakthrough that allowed humankind to explore a lot of new objects and phenomena in the Universe. You will be able to see the world in invisible radiation with your own eyes, get inside a stellar nebula, discover many new celestial bodies and come across the most powerful objects throughout Space. The Universe will show up as a gigantic picture and amaze you with its rich shades and surprising details. The entire history of the world is captured in this painting. We invite you to go beyond the boundaries of the visible world where you will see the incredible beauty of our colorful Universe!

Director, producer — Aleksandra Sharhun. Screenwriter — Anatolij Zasov. Composer — Majk Kirin.
Moscow Planetarium. Russia

“DNA of thoughts”

I want to show and trasfer human emotions and ideas. How they are complicated and strong. All of us have the state in life when we feel exhausted and without any power. It is crazy feeling when you dont know how to act and what to do next. That is why I desided to choose complicated shapes to transfer my messege
I want to show and trasfer human emotions and ideas. How they are complicated and strong. All of us have the state in life when we feel exhausted and without any power. It is crazy feeling when you dont know how to act and what to do next. That is why I desided to choose complicated shapes to transfer my messege.

Anna Kravchenko. Composer — Allan Rayman-Left Alone.
Ukraine, Poland
мечты о космосе

“Dreams of the Space”

This artistic story is about  space exploration and romantic human aspirations to get into space.

Director — Ivan Gopienko. Screenwriter — Ivan Gopienko, Kristina Strikeleva. Composer — Yan Skorobogatyj.
Republic of Belarus


EMERSIVE is a 360° mesmerized experience in a 3D parallel futuristic universe. Composed of a single sequence camera shot, this film offers to cross borders with an exploration of several spaces of microcosms surrounding us through grids, low poly, fractal forms and bright colors. Like a choreography, the dynamics are based on the camera movement : rotation, fall, rise, advance, retreat. The soundtrack, combined with audio archives, reminds the contribution of scientific discoveries and technological evolutions in our society, improving our environment through digital during this hypnotic trip.

Director — Jeremy Oury, Antoine Briot. Composer — Antoine Briot.
ARCAAN collective. France


During the pandemic due by COVID 19, we suffer their effects, but we decide to realize a fulldome movie with it. We write a little poem to engage our feelings with the spur of the moment: Many days have passed, many people have died. The words are gone, only points and lines remain in my life. Now I hope to live a little, although the uncertainty impedes me. It does not matter that the COVID persecutes me and its evil friend forbids me.

Director, producer — Alejandro Casales.
Fulldome Mexico. Mexico & United States


This is a metaphorical story of growing-up on the example of the growing Moon and its parent — the Sun.

Director, screenwriter — Ivan Gopienko. Producer — Kristina Strikeleva.
Republic of Belarus
дедушка и зои

“GranPa and Zoe: Mission Light”

GranPa and his young accomplice Zoe lead a peaceful life in their ranch, up until the day when their tranquil existence is disturbed by a strange event: the light of the Sun grows dimmer, as if it is disappearing. No time to waste, our two heroes rush off on a race against time to save the sunlight. Light, action! Light is a really surprising subject for the person who discovers it, especially since it encompasses so many different fields and lies at the intersection of very different concepts. Heat, waves, color, and speed: they are all connected. These are the observations we wish to share with the audience; we want them to leave having learned a few elementary notions. The film shows various simple and verifiable considerations every minute: light is an energy which warms us and allows us to see, it is blocked by opaque objects; nonetheless we can’t stop it. Of course, in order to get audiences really involved with science, you invite them to take part in an adventure. This is why every scientific interlude in the film becomes part of a quest. Every time a scientific principle is mentioned, it is incorporated into the story. Light is both the object of the characters’ quest, since they are trying to save it, and also the means to success, since they have to understand it in order to advance.

Director — Stéphane BERTRAND — Damien MAUGIN. Screenwriter — Astrid Dumontet, Sebastien Fassetta. Composer — Gael Romeuf.
Mediastro Promotion — 3D Emotion, RSA Cosmos, France
путеводные звёзды

“Guiding stars”

This new show by the Moscow Planetarium studio will become your “guiding star” in the world of astronavigation. Together with the curious son of an astronaut and his grandmother, you will discover an entire celestial map unfolding in the night sky. A map that has been guiding travellers since the earliest times. A map that used to help sailors navigate the seas and pioneers discover new continents. And it remains just as important now, with stars and constellations providing astronauts with directions in orbit. So, how do you recognize the guiding celestial bodies and star paths? What treasures does the starry night sky hold? Where and why do we search for the North Star? How can you find the most well-known constellations quickly and easily? Our new fascinating star show about the secrets of astronavigation covers all these questions. The “Guiding Stars” programme will teach you practical skills to search for the most important navigation stars and constellations. And in the meantime, you will get the opportunity to reflect on our place beneath the starry sky. No matter where we are, whether at home or far from home, the stars shine just as bright for each and every one of us. We are travellers after all, moving through space on a giant beautiful spaceship called planet Earth. The digital version, available to planetariums without an optical projector, has been created in 2022.

Director — Tamara Stolbova. Screentwriter — Oleg Gavrilin, Tamara Stolbov. Composer — Majk Kirin. Producer — Yaroslav Gubchenko.
Moscow Planetarium. Russia


IMMERSIVE plays with the Op art concept and minimalism content to produce illusions and illimited perspective. Immersive shapes, stroboscopic sequences and abstract patterns create a new sense of space and timelessness. Working with projection of 3D shapes, this installation gives the sensation and the illusion to be immersed into multiple forms inspired by an abstract universe. The ascending movement and the use of stroboscopic images gives a new feeling of time and the sensation to be fully immersed.

Director — Jeremy Oury, Antoine Briot. Composer — Antoine Briot.
ARCAAN collective. France

“Life’s Question”

Have you ever wondered about life? Perhaps you have wondered… how does everything around you connect? On this rare planet, there are millions of relationships between multiple individuals. The environments that these beings inhabit or the food they consume, are of a diverse nature, we are, without a doubt, one of the most extraordinary phenomena in the universe. Whether inside your body, or in lakes full of arsenic and salt, or in a small drop of water, life has adapted and has made this planet an inhabitable world. But, what are the possibilities of a complex process like this, also existing beyond heaven and beyond Earth? Maybe … on another planet? On this trip. we will travel through the questions, those questions that the very existence of life makes us ask.

Writer and Director — Juan Felipe Orozco Cano, Producer —Daniela Carrascal Grisales
Musician — Camilo Posada. Colombia.


Ion describes a virtual information space with geometric clarity and spatially immersive expanse. Information units group themselves into cuboids. The cuboids themselves give the space its dimension and are the reason for its existence. They rearrange themselves rhythmically again and again. Each time differently. Sometimes faster, sometimes slower, sometimes gently floating away – then again demanding presence. The data space is permanently scanned. Ion visually and acoustically describes the processing procedure of a digital machine condensed into rhythmic patterns.

Marek Slipek. Germany


MOONBASE: THE NEXT STEP is the story of this human endeavour, pushing scientific and technological advances to the limit. Travelling the 250,000 miles and surviving the hostile and alien conditions of reduced gravity, extreme temperatures and toxic lunar dust, we explain the science and technology for this brave mission to happen. Follow our story filled with awe, danger, trepidation and share the wonder of the lunar environment made for 360 fulldome format. Prepare for a hostile and breath-taking lunar experience…

Director — Graham Watts. Producer — Emma Kolasinska.
Moonraker VFX Limited. United Kingdom
мифы и легенды звёздного неба

“Myths and legends of the starry sky”

Humans have been  trying to understand how the world works through the whole history. Myths where material and spiritual, dreams and reality closely intertwine had explained that before  science appeared.

This film shows how mythological thinking of ancient people defined their place in the Universe.

Director — Ivan Goncharov. Screenwriter — Ivan Goncharov, Mariya Smirnova.
ANO “Planetarium” (St. Petersburg Planetarium). Russia

“Out of Your Mind”

Out Of Your Mind is an immersive psychedelic experience, an unlimited journey into the spaces of our consciousness, addressing the intense relationship of the human to the living. By questioning our relationship to the world and by confronting the dystopian, brutal and authoritarian city with what technological progress could offer as a more desirable perspective, the duo traces a new optimistic path. This audio-visual creation proposes a sensitive immersion in their artistic galaxies. Through the architecture and the space, this cosmic experience offers the spectators a time of introspection and tests our vision of the world.

AADN. France
над витебском

“Over Vitebsk”

This is a walk over Vitebsk where Marc Chagall was born and grew. The audience becomes pictures` participant: flying over the city discovers its atmosphere, daily life, people. This immersive project analyzes the great part of Chagall`s art and gives a wonderful opportunity to take a fresh look at his images and colours. More than 15 pictures were used in the film.

Director — Nikolaeva Alisa. 
Saint Petersburg State Institute of Film and Television. Russia
парад планет

“Parade of planets”

The Planets are meet together so rarely because it happens only during the most interesting astronomical event – the planetary parade. But the insidious plans of several asteroids could put under threat the whole holiday. Will they be able to do it? Watch the new full-domed program “Parade of the Planets”!

Director — Dmitrij Pan’kin. Screenwriter — Tat’yana Kalyakina. Composer — Marat Martykanov.
Nizhny Novgorod Planetarium named after G.M. Grechko. Russia
питер прогулки по воде

St. Petersburg. Walks along waterways

Walking along the St. Petersburg`s waterways reveals the beauty of the city and gives immediately a historical and an architectural view about our country.

Director — Komaev Ilyas .
Planetarik. Russia


PHOSPHENE is a hypnotic and mesmerized experience of seeing form and illusions of destructurations where the movement and the energy of light reveals different kind of dome’s architecture. (first preview available, more small upgrade to come early march)

Jeremy Oury, Ludovic Finck
ARCAAN collective. France
планета земля

“Planet Earth”

This is an educational program for the primary school. The film tells a lot of interesting facts about our planet and explains difficult things very easily and in an engrossing manner: for example, about planet`s form, size and structure; daily rotation and annual movement around the Sun, seasons changes. Children will know what the planet`s globe means and what the map presents.

Screenwriter — Danilova Natal’ya. Composer — Martykanov Marat.
Nizhny Novgorod Planetarium named after G.M. Grechko. Russia


A group of strange interstellar travelers will go out beyond the galaxy to seed new planets with life. Target: Universal | General Public. Topics: Stars, Zodiac, Solar System, Scales of the Universe, Black holes and gravitational waves, Multiverse. Solarians shows within a fulldome animated immersive narrative, the representation of gravitational waves produced by the collision of two black holes, the scientific discovery of the century. Gabriela González, leader of LIGO is our scientific advisor. Solarians was made under the Immersive Manifesto during the Animated Immersive Workshop at Universidad del Cine.

Director, producer — Juli Tagger. Composer — Fernando Ribero.
COMET – San | コメットさん. Argentina
Космос NOW__

“Cosmos now!”

An exceptional spiritual fortitude is required to draw laws of nature from certain phenomena which have always been in sight, but the explanation of which eluded the inquiring mind. These are the speculations of one of the most prominent scientists of the Renaissance Galileo Galilei..

The Planetarium Star Hall will turn not only into “the time machine” thanks to which you can find yourself in the past and witness the development of the most exciting science “Astronomy”, but also it will transform into the space observation platform that will help you to go into vast open space.

Our program proves that Space surrounds us every minute everywhere. Space is now! Space is at the moment!

Volgorgad planetarium. Russia
Звездный путь человечества-

“Star Trek of Humanity”

This film tells how the dream of flying led a man into space.

Director — Andrej Fesenko, Sergej Kozincev. Screenwriter — Andrej Fesenko, Dmitrij Gulyutin, Aleksej Shustrov, Sergej Kozincev, Aleksandr Lazutkin.
Planetarium named after Maximachev. Russia
звёздное небо и основы сфер астро

“Starry sky and the basics of spherical astronomy”

This educational program was created by Russian Planetariums Association in 2022 and explains basic definitions of spherical astronomy like zenith, nadir, ecliptic, axis of the world, vertical line, celestial sphere, celestial coordinates and others.  There is also an overview of the starry sky at different latitudes at different times of the year. All the terms are well visualized with modern fulldome  technologies.

Screenwriter — Dmitrij Fetisov. Composer — Vitalij Baldych. Producer — Andrej Lobanov.
Planetarium Association of Russia. Russia


Swarming is a behavioral phenomenon to survive, but more than often, it is a prelude for extinction. Fly with the flock as they travel from Germany, over the Alps, to the Mediteranean Sea. Small birds migrating over exhausted and exploited landscapes. Robins, tits and sparrows do not usually migrate this far, but in a near future, they might. Swarm offers a bird’s eye’s view over landscapes of threedimensional photocollages that show a part of Europe after climate change.

Director, composer — Maarten Isaäk de Heer. Producer — Evelyn Brancard, Menetekel FIlm.
Menetekel Film. Germany

“The eternal traveler on the star way”

This short film is devoted to the original belarusian artist Yazep Drozdovich, his art and his thoughts about Solar System.

Director, producer — Nadezhda Gil’. Composer — Tessman Pavel.
Republic of Belarus. 

“The Factory”

There are plenty of strange places around us. Many of them are difficult to describe. They can be explored. // Unique short film takes you to the interior of a giant steel plant in the middle of the night – the place you are very unlikely to visit in your real life. The film is a tribute to Zoox, the urbex photographer and explorer.

Composer, producer — M.i.X.
Mixlab. Czech Republic
солнце и жизнь земли

“The Sun and the Life of the Earth”

The program presents clearly the main characteristics of the Sun, its structure, the structure of the solar atmosphere, nuclear fusion reactions in the core.

Real images of sunspots, protuberances, flashes and flares, as well as existing   solar telescopes are shown. The solar impact processes of coronal mass on the magnetosphere, biosphere and technosphere of the Earth are demonstrated.

The heliobiology concept created by the Russian scientist A. L. Chizhevsky is presented.

Screenwriter — Sergej Yazev. Composer — Vitalij Baldych. Producer — Andrej Lobanov.
Planetarium Association of Russia. Russia
ветровой склон

“The wind slope. Chasing a solar eclipse in the Andes”

A group of astronomers travels from La Plata to San Juan to record the total solar eclipse on July 2th, 2019. Rodeo, a small and peaceful town, begins to be populated by people drawn to this unique astronomical event: the moon hides the Sun from our view and creates a false night for a few minutes in broad daylight. A fulldome documentary film produced by Planetario Ciudad de La Plata, belonging to the Faculty of Astronomical and Geophysical Sciences, in association with the Department of Audiovisual Arts of the Faculty of Arts, Universidad Nacional de La Plata. This is the second audiovisual project jointly developed with this arts institution involving multidisciplinary interaction.

Director — Juliana Schwindt. Composer — Laureano Disipio. Producer — Cintia Peri, Juliana Schwindt, Franco Palazzo.
Universidad Nacional de La Plata. Argentina
открытие невидимой вселенной

“Unveiling the invisible Universe”

For thousands of years the humans observed the light coming from the night sky with their eyes. In the beginning of the 17th century, the invention of the telescope by Galileo revolutionized our knowledge of the Universe. Finally, in the 20th century with the advent of rockets, it became possible to go above the earth’s atmosphere and observe X-ray and gamma ray radiation which are the marks of the hot and violent Universe. But it is not only light that can give us information about the cosmos. Neutrinos and cosmic rays also provide vital information. Finally, the detection by the LIGO experiment of gravitational waves from two merging black holes opened a new window in astrophysics. This video presents images of the cosmos as revealed by all these different messengers.

Director — Theofanis Matsopoulos. Composer — Costas Papageorgiou. 
AHEAD, T. Matsopoulos. Greece


Wholeness (Totalidad) is a video experimental Project which proposes an iconography search of interpretations about the being, it is related with some studies that I did about geometric patterns inside Pre-Columbian graphical practices. To do this, I drew to personal experiences with entheogens, specifically Yagé, in rituals with some friends of knowledge who belong to the indigenous community kamëntša in Sibundoy, the villages of Tamabioy and Vichoy located in the high Putumayo (South of Colombia, Latin América). I also felt interest in breeding bridges between my personal subjectivities and some mates’ ones with the visual shapes created by artisans of the region, such nowadays and as through traditional expressions like for instance in ritualistic masks or rupestrian manifestations on petroglyphs. The sonorous processes were articulated using native musical instruments and electronic synthesizers in an interpretation game. The result was an audio-visual piece which tries to gather the experiences with the sacred plant and it is related with the visual elements researched and found in the process to bring closer our relation with the wholeness.

Director, producer — John Melo. Composer — John Melo, Ivan Agreda.
Zho. Colombia
мировое древо

“World tree”

Once upon a time, among the ice and rocks there were people who believed that everything in the world was connected. They didn’t separate themselves from everything around, they believed they were just part of something bigger. Immerse yourself in a journey through the worlds of Scandinavian mythology, from inception to formation, and look at the world through the eyes of men of the past.

Buryak Nikita. Republic of Belarus. 

Lecturer Contest

Bityukova Victoria

"Winter sky over Novosibirsk", The Grand Novosibirsk Planetarium.

Natalia Danilova

"The ABC of the Starry Sky", Nizhny Novgorod Planetarium named after G.M. Grechko.

Valeria Markina

"Me. You. The sky", The Grand Novosibirsk Planetarium.

Oleg Kashin

"Treasures of the Zodiac Circle", The Grand Novosibirsk Planetarium.

Andrey Nikiforov

"A walk in the starry sky", The Grand Novosibirsk Planetarium.

Immersive Work Contest

лисенок для кк

“The Tale of the Lost Moon”

It is a story about little fox who try to find the lost moon.

The Grand Novosibirsk Planetarium. Russia

“Inspiration of the Universe”

Since ancient times, people have observed the twinkling of the stars. Some gave them names and built theories about their origin, others, inspired by the enchanting beauty of the star’s twinkling, recreated it in images and sounds.

The curiosity of the former and the talent of the latter brought outer space closer to the inhabitants of Earth.

During our session we will trace how the themes of astronomy and astronautics are displayed in unique works of different times: from antiquity to modern space art. We will explore the stages of man’s cognition of the Universe.

Tatiana Kalyakina.
Nizhny Novgorod Planetarium named after G.M. Grechko. Russia.
афиша звёзд квест

“Star quest for children about winter sky”

Childhood is the age to have fun and enjoy life. Why not to play when study?
Non-traditional lecture in a quest-form can involve children to be an active part of the process and help to get them to be interested in the topic.
Nataliya Pechrkina.
The Grand Novosibirsk Planetarium. Russia.